April 2020 | News

Avara Liscate Delivers Critical Care Drugs to Covid-19 Patients

The Covid-19 pandemic has created significant operational and logistical challenges for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries worldwide.  Despite these challenges, across Avara, all facilities have been safely and successfully maintaining operations to ensure that commitments to our clients, and ultimately patients, have continued to be met. 

At Avara Liscate, located in the heart of the outbreak in the Lombardy region of Italy, this task has been particularly difficult, as this area has been subjected to one of the longest and most stringent lockdown periods in the world.  We are extremely proud of our employees in Liscate for rising to this challenge and continuing to supply several critical care drugs to the market.  Their dedication proved particularly significant at the end of March, when Avara Liscate received a client request to manufacture and label an emergency compassionate supply of sterile injectable product for local hospitals in the Milan region.  We are delighted to share that these supplies were delivered by mid-April and will be used to directly support anesthesia for intubations required by critical care Covid-19 patients in need of mechanical ventilation.


We are pleased to see such strong collaboration between Avara and our client and are grateful to the entire Liscate team for achieving our mission of providing a responsive, flexible, and tailored contract manufacturing service to our clients, now and in the future. 

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