October 2020

Avara Aiken Delivers Your Nutraceutical & OTC Supply Needs

Aiken Blue Capsules

Avara’s Aiken, South Carolina facility offers over 40 years of experience in high-speed, custom packaging and providing flexible secondary packaging presentations to meet ever changing marketing demands for consumer healthcare products, including supplements. Avara Aiken’s commercial, solid dose capabilities encompass tablets, capsules, powders and lozenges, and the facility’s manufacturing offerings include blending, hot melt technology, granulation, compression, coating, encapsulation, and capsule banding. Operating under Avara’s Global Quality Management System framework, and with an extensive history under its legacy owner, GlaxoSmithKline, this facility has regulatory approvals from agencies including the U.S. FDA, EMA, MHRA, Health Canada, GCC and ANVISA, enabling supply to US and international markets.



Aiken Tubes Packaging



Avara Aiken is manufacturing and packaging products across a wide range of therapeutic areas, currently including weight and pain management as well as smoking cessation. Additionally, we have experience in the manufacture and packaging of nutritional supplements, cold and ‘flu remedies, gastrointestinal relief products, anti-inflammatories, and many more. The facility offers custom packaging options for your tablet, capsule, powder, and lozenge presentations. Blister packaging—in cold-form and thermoform options—bottle filling with neckbanding, and custom consumer packaging, are all supported by OCR vision systems. Finally, a range of labelling and bar coding is also available.


In addition to OTC supply, Rx-to-OTC conversions are a specialty of Avara Aiken. The transfer of a prescription drug to OTC status is a highly regulated process and also requires knowledge of the regulatory process for approval, a thorough understanding of the product being considered for conversion, and knowledge of how to translate prescription labels into consumer-friendly directions. The process also requires establishing the correct strategy for each individual Rx-to-OTC project. That’s why choosing an outsourcing partner that has extensive experience in completing multiple Rx-to-OTC conversions, to complement your existing capabilities, is the best way to ensure that the right approach is taken, and the process is tailored to the specific therapy in question. The experts at Avara’s Aiken facility have the experience to help streamline the process and achieve a successful Rx-to-OTC conversion for your project. 


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