Avlon, United Kingdom

The Avlon facility in the United Kingdom was acquired from AstraZeneca. The site has developed and manufactured APIs since 1970, and is a Worldwide Pharmaceutical Services Center of Excellence for Avara. It manufactures multiple intermediates and APIs, including rosuvastatin (Crestor®) and quetiapine (Seroquel®) for AstraZeneca.

The site comprises seven manufacturing facilities, plus a large-scale, cGMP laboratory. There are custom-built areas for synthesis, purification, drying, milling and storage. It also has a large cGMP warehouse with cold chain capability (2–8ºC), plus a dedicated biological wastewater treatment facility.


Five Large-Scale cGMP API PLANTS

  • Large volume commercial manufacture of intermediates and APIs
  • 6m3 to 10m3 reactor capacity
  • Pressure filter, conical and centrifuge drying
  • High hazard chemistry
  • Synthesis
  • Purification
  • Storage

Two Large-Scale Milling Facilities

  • Two Hosakawa mills, 315 UPZ and associated equipment
  • Matcon bin charging

cGMP Large-Scale Laboratory

  • 10 L to 100 L reactor capacity
  • Chlorination with POCl3
  • Oxidation with peroxide and hypochlorite
  • Grignard reagents
  • Metal catalysts
  • Formulation
  • Cryogenic reactions

Careers at Avlon

Team members across our locations are at the heart of Avara’s commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience and we place an emphasis on people as the foundation of our business. Explore the excellent career opportunities for qualified, motivated people across all of our locations.

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